Free pattern: DIY Knit Ring Pillow

Good morning everyone! Today I want to share with you the ring pillow I recently made for my wedding.

It’s super easy if you already have the basics down for knitting. All you need to know is how to knit and purl. I decided to make my own ring pillow was because of the specific robin’s egg blue colour that I wanted to match my theme. Plus I knew it would be much easier than searching for one in retail in that particular colour.

Yarn – Medium (4) worsted weight yarn
Needles – I used UK size 7
Polyfill stuffing or yarn scraps
Wide Ribbon
Skinny Ribbon
Sewing needle and thread (optional)

To start, cast on 18 (more or less depending on the size of the pillow you want).
Row 1:  knit all the way to the end
Row 2:  purl all the way to the end
Rows 3-18:  repeat (rows 1 and 2) until you reach 18 or the number of stitches you casted on to keep it a square
Bind off your piece and cut your yarn.

Repeat all of the above for your second piece, but don’t cut the yarn and leave a long tail for sewing the two pieces together.

Using a yarn needle, thread your long tail into the needle and start sewing the two knit pieces together. If you want the knit sides to show, keep the purl sides facing inwards when you sew the two pieces together. If you want the purl sides to show, have the knit sides face inwards.  Sew around all three sides.

Now stuff your pillow with yarn scraps or polyester stuffing until it is nice and plump.  Once it is filled to the fullness to your liking, continue to sew the last side of the pillow to close it off.  Cut your yarn and tuck in the end.

Take your wide ribbon and knot it once around the pillow. Before you make your bow, insert the skinny ribbon into its knot so it hangs down (this ribbon is for you to tie your rings). Now make the beautiful bow. I then used some thread to secure the bow to the pillow so it won’t slide off but this step is totally optional. Voila! Your ring pillow is now complete!

Let me know if you guys make one.  I would love to see how they turn out!

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