Review: Colourpop Makeup

Happy Saturday!  My Colourpop makeup arrived just yesterday and I couldn’t wait to share with you what I bought and how amazing they are.  Colourpop is a US company and they claim (I say “claim” because we can never be 100% sure can we?) they are cruelty-free, which is really important to me.

I am wearing…

Brow pencil in dope taupe

I absolutely love this colour.  When I was putting it on I didn’t feel the brown was as light as the pencil looks but now that I am looking at my brows, they are the perfect shade and matches my dyed hair pretty well.  It went on smoothly and the spoolie is small so it is really easy to manuever.  I have used other brands of eyebrow pencil before where the product rubs off after a few hours due to oily skin.  I don’t have the same problem with this eyebrow pencil so far.

Creme Gel Colour in DTLA

DTLA is a shade of navy which looks really pretty in the jar.  You can’t tell from my picture but up close it becomes obvious that it’s navy, especially outdoors in daylight.  At a distance it looks pretty dark so I am loving the subtleness of this colour.  It glides on really smoothly and it doesn’t dry in seconds so there’s still plenty of playing time.  Not sure how long the jar will last though and that’s one of my biggest concerns.  Will have to see over time if this product makes it to the top of my eyeliner list.

Lippie Stix in I Heart This Lippie

I always have a hard time finding a lip colour that I feel looks good on me.  I see other people or my friends wearing all these amazing lip colours but when I try the same one, I feel like I resemble Ronald McDonald.  But I LOVE, and I can’t emphasize that enough, this I Heart This Lippie shade on my lips.  It is a matte colour so it is pretty pigmented, but not the super drying kind and that is super important to me.  I hate the feeling of dry lips.  It’s been over 8 hours and my lips still feel great.  It does come off a bit after eating so I had to reapply.

I also purchased a blush in the colour Fox.  I did a swatch right after I opened the product and surprisingly the texture of the product is kind of cushiony.  It is not like any other blush product that I have.  It’s really interesting where it is soft and a little bouncy to the touch but it’s not watery at all once applied.  There’s some sparkle in it too but jury’s still out on whether I am a fan.

As a summary, I am loving the products from this company.  They have a variety of shades in every product, they stay on my face for a pretty long time, they are easy to wear and glides on nicely, and all their products range from $5-$8 usd so you really can’t go wrong!  I would advise buying some and see for yourself!

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Daily essential makeup pouch

Hello everyone!  Hope every body is having a good Tuesday so far.  The other day I was putting on my makeup and realized how dirty my little crochet pouch is getting from daily use.  It has become a part of my everyday go-to items, being my little crochet makeup pouch.

Along with all my other daily essentials, I now cannot live without it!  I really love how small it is yet can still manage to hold my mascara, eyeliner, eyelash curler, compact powder, concealer, and lip stick.  Time to give it a bath in the machine and make my baby new again.  Will work on posting the pattern to the pouch some time next week when I’m back in Canada so you guys can make one for yourselves!

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