Taiwanese Desserts – Mabu Station (North York) Part II

At Mabu Station we also ordered a sizzling plate. Having lived in Hong Kong for four years and came back to Toronto without Pepper Lunch, it was an adjustment for sure. When we saw there’s black pepper beef sizzling plate on their menu we just had to order it. The beef was tender and very flavourful. However, I found the dish to have too much black pepper which turned out to be a bit too spicy to my liking. We wanted to order extra cheese on our sizzling plate (the added cheese makes all the difference!) but found out it costs $3 extra, which is a bit expensive so we had to go without.

I would definitely come back for this plate but probably tell them to have a lighter hand on the black pepper.  It is a bit too generous but if you enjoy black pepper then this plate is for you.  Beef is juicy and tastes great!  The garlic sauce on the side is nicely done as well.  If you have had a chance to try this, let me know what your opinion is.  I would love to hear back!

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