Taiwanese Desserts – Mabu Station (North York)

Hi guys!  Sorry it’s been a long while but hubby is in town, has been for the past month actually, and there are lots of personal things we needed to get settled.  We received very good news recently!  His PR application has been processed and ALMOST COMPLETE!  WHOOO HOOOOOOO!  I am so so so excited and surprised how efficient the Canadian government has been.  It has only been 5 months since we submitted the application and now we already got notification that the visa is almost ready.  I wasn’t expecting to hear back for another 6 months or so!  Hopefully at this point we won’t have to wait much longer and he can come and stay in Toronto for good.

Now that his visa is almost ready, it is time to plan our living situation.  We are scheduled to move in July (yay!) and have been scouting the nearby areas for good food.  We hit up a few restaurants in North York and wanted to share our experiences.  We were in the area for furniture and came across this Taiwanese restaurant at Yonge and Finch called Mabu Station.  Hubby and I absolutely love the taiwanese desserts with taro balls and this is our must-have whenever we visit Taiwan.  We also had this at Meet Fresh in Australia so we simply cannot ignore when we come across a restaurant with taro balls!  At Yonge and Finch they have two separate shops, which are separated by another shop in between.  When we arrived we were like, which one is it?  Are they the same?  Yes, they are the same.  I believe they had wanted to expand but unable to do so right next to the existing location so now there’s 2 separate restaurants, just an unit down the street.

This is the item I01 – grass jelly with a mixture of taro, sweet potato, and sesame Q balls, and sweet peanuts, red bean paste, taro paste, sweet potato paste, and barley

I got to say the number of taro balls is not enough.  This bowl is  $9.99+tax so I was expecting a bit more Q balls.  (In Taiwan, “Q” stands for “chewy”).  Texture wise, the balls are not chewy enough, and the sesame Q balls were rough and dry inside.  The bowl of grass jelly was huge though and we couldn’t finish it.  Overall the dessert dish is okay.  I wouldn’t say it’s delicious but still pretty decent and I would likely go back for it.

The two drinks we got were pretty standard for a bbt (bubble tea) beverage.  One was a passion fruit green tea and the other was green honeydew milk green tea with passion fruit jelly.  A little tip:  do not mix fruit flavours (e.g. melon milk tea with passion fruit jelly) because it turned out pretty weird, lol.

We also ordered another dish but as this post is getting rather lengthy, I will write a part II on it on another day.  If you guys have tried this restaurant, I would also love to know what you guys think!

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