Free Pattern: Small Crochet Bow

Hello everyone!  It’s been a busy week and I just want to let you know more tutorial videos are now up on YouTube so be sure to go check them out.  I made a quick tutorial on how to crochet a simple small bow but thought it would be nice to post a written pattern here as well.  You can watch the video tutorial down below. Here is the written pattern:

Worsted weight yarn
3.0mm crochet hook

Ch 12
Row 1:  SC from second ch from the hook, all the way across (11)
Rows 2-4:  Ch 1, turn your work, sc all the way across (11)
Edges:  4 Slip stitches across the short end starting from where you left off, 11 sl sts across the long side, and another 4 sl sts across the other short end of your piece.
Leave a short tail and cut the yarn.  Tuck the tail into the back of the piece with a yarn needle.
Take some yarn and place the tail so that it’s visible (you will use it to tie a knot later).  Wrap the yarn tightly around the centre of your crocheted piece, around 10 times or until you like how it looks.  Shape your bow as you wrap.  Knot the ends and tuck in the tails.

I’m now off on my honeymoon for the next two weeks! See you guys when I’m back! 😀

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Video Tutorial: Crochet Star Applique

Hi guys! Remember back in the summer when I showed you how I made the crochet star garland? I posted a pattern here but now there’s a video on how to make the stars up on my channel! If you need more visuals than just a few photos, feel free to watch the video on the how-to. I didn’t show how to turn them into a garland but after you have made a few more stars, you can easily just string them up with just a yarn needle. Let me know what you guys think and there will be more videos soon!

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Another Exciting Announcement! YouTube!

Happy Friday! I have another very exciting announcement to make today and I am so thrilled! My YouTube channel is officially launched!

I have friends asking if I can offer them crochet lessons and many are so eager to learn so I thought why not create some tutorial videos so I can share with everyone. I never thought I can be part of this youtube family but now I am! I have uploaded my very first tutorial video last night and I am so excited to be uploading more very soon. As I am a newbie to filming and editing, I welcome all feedbacks to my videos so please let me know if you have any suggestions for me. I also welcome tutorial ideas so leave me comments and let me know what kind of tutorials you guys would like to see.

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