To-go pouches

Recently I had been in the mood to make some more of those crochet pouches. To be honest they are time consuming since not only do I need to crochet the outer pouch, I also need to hand sew on the lining and the zipper and making sure all the stitches are perfect because let’s face it, I have OCD. There have been countless times that I removed and redid the stitching because they aren’t up to my standards. Some days it will take me one full day to make a pouch, which according to having a successful business is the dumbest investment because in order to make a profit I need items that will require minimal time to make. Currently I am making less than minimum wage per pouch. But hey, we can’t all be that calculating when it comes to life right? I just have so much fun making them!


I am loving the blue with the coral combination. So fun for this summer! Plus they are the perfect size as my every day makeup bag!

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Fringe fetish continues

Been MIA for over a week but forgive me because I have been preoccupied with a few performances last weekend and also coming up with new ideas for my crochet items. Having just started a new business, I have already learned that it is not only “not easy” but is in fact HARD. A business requires a lot of planning and marketing and not to mention if ideas are out that day or week, then my business comes to a halt! I have sat at my desk for days, racking for new and unique ideas but sometimes they just don’t come. I have also learned to be extremely patient and know how to turn criticisms into inspirations.

Well, today I want to share something I had finished a few days ago.

Whoo hoo, more fringe items!  I love the bohemian style and how soft this cuff bracelet is. To add a little more detail, I decided to add some beads to it as well, like my previous necklaces. I think I can make a few more of this in other colours. What do you guys think?


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