Uninvited visitor…

Yesterday I got a little (well not really!) visitor, and not the kind I like. I was in the midst of my work and all of a sudden I see a huge centipede right next to my foot! I immediately jumped up in terror. The centipede remained motionless and I stared at it for a good 10 mins, not knowing what to do. Being away from Canada for 4 years, I hadn’t seen these guys in awhile and I had forgotten how disgusting they look. I thought nothing can scare me more than the cockroaches in Hong Kong but boy was I wrong. Cockroaches kind of resemble beetles so in a way you can consider them cute (no?) but these multi-legged rodents are just creepy and gross and there are just no words to describe how I feel about them. I get goosebumps now as I think back to yesterday.

So I put on these gloves and wore my slippers and got a stack of tissue, attempting to squash it. Lucky for it it managed to hide behind my desk just when I threw my slipper in its direction. I just stared and stared, hoping it would somehow die and evaporate in its corner. It must have been a good hour and a half before I managed to work up a nerve to vacuum it up when it reappeared. For the rest of the day I was still on edge and had my feet up on my chair. Needless to say it totally ruined my schedule and I got no work done all of yesterday. Am I insane to be so terrified of such a small bug? Is there any way to overcome this fear? I tried staring at it for as long as I could and not be grossed out by it. Didn’t work. I googled a picture on my phone and touched the screen and even put it up to my face. Also didn’t work.

Are any of you as terrified as I am of these creepy crawlies?

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