NuMe Curl Jam curling wands – love them!

Today I want to share with you not what I have recently made, but what I have recently purchased. I am a bit stuck on creativity for the past few days so I haven’t made any new accessory piece this week. I did, however, use the following product a bit more often in the past two months so I thought this would be a good time to provide my thoughts on it. It is…..


Yes the NuMe Curling Wands! I purchased this set called “Curl Jam” because I didn’t own a proper curling iron (the existing one I have before this has a box with a woman on it, looking like she’s from the ’80s. If I remember correctly, I had gotten it as a Christmas gift at my mom’s office Christmas party back when I was 8. It was a real puzzle as to why the organizers would get a curling iron as a gift for a kid’s Christmas party?) so I thought getting 3 wands at once will satisfy my curling needs. I also needed to replace my 2002 babyliss hair straightener so this set was perfect!
This set comes with:

  • one barrel with an on/off button
  • three interchangeable, tourmaline infused ceramic wands of sizes 19mm (3/4″), 25mm (1″), and 32mm (1-1/4″)
  • one Fashionista flat iron
  • one heat-resistent glove, which can be worn on either left or right hand
  • a pretty case that holds all of these tools

Let’s start with the wands. I absolutely love them! The wands are easy to adjust and change and they give me perfect curls. I can easily do my full set of medium length hair in 15-20 mins, as opposed to 30-45 mins with my old curling iron.


  • heats up super fast! – once I plug the wand in, I can immediately feel it warming up. Yes, I mean immediately.
  • remains really hot – this means I don’t need to hold the curls on the wand for too long. I usually hold them for 3-5 secs and they would already be really curly.
  • has an on/off button – no need to unplug the tool to turn it off.
  • tourmaline wands – now I don’t know much about it but research tells me tourmaline is better for the hair with less damage.
  • interchangeable – I can use a different size wands depending on the size of curls I want that day.
  • heat-resistent glove – this item is super useful! I attempted at curling my hair without using the glove and I burnt my fingers. Because these are wands, there isn’t an area you can hold onto at the tip like other curling irons have, so the glove is extremely useful in protecting your fingers and hand.


  • burns! – I have burnt myself multiple times because of how hot it is. One burn scarred the back of my neck.😦 So girls, remember to wear a scarf or a towel to cover all areas and not wear a tank top like I did!

In terms of the hair straightener, I don’t find it as great as their wands but it is still pretty good. It also heats up pretty quickly, remains really hot, has an on/off button, has a temperature dial, and it is slim so I can use it as a curling iron as well.

In addition to the set, I also bought the thermal pouch.

Initially I thought this was really a pouch where I can put in my curling wands or straightener when I travel but it turns out to be just a flat piece of fabric with aluminum foil, folded close by a small piece of velcro. When I received it I was disappointed, but then it turned out to be another useful item! I would lay my curling wand on top of it on my bathroom counter so it doesn’t melt or burn my counter top, and it has proven to be very useful. I also tried using it as a pouch when I travel and I was able to fit my curling want in it, but not the full length of cord. I have OCD so I would not fold my cords any other way than the way it came in (in other words I have to follow the fold crease and cannot create new ones.) So it may possibly fit if you lay out the cord and refold it to the length of the pouch.

So to sum up, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase! I don’t think I have heard bad reviews on these NuMe products, and I think they are good investments. Afterall, these curling wands and straighteners should last you a good number of years (for me it will be 10+ if they don’t break) before you have to buy new ones.

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I am a fringe fanatic!

After the centipede scare yesterday, I needed to catch up on my work progress today and ta-da!  I managed to finish my fringe necklace.

I love fringe.  I love how it dangles and moves and I love how it feels.  I can’t wait to wear this one out with my tanks! For all of you crocheters out there, if you know how to crochet a chevron shape, you can easily make this as well!  Insert the fringe to the bottom edge and trim it nicely.  Remember to knot the fringe or sew it like I did else the fringe will come out.  Sew on the beads to your liking, add your chain and you’re done!  This item will also be added to my shop shortly.  I am currently in the midst of making it in another colour.  Stay tuned!

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Uninvited visitor…

Yesterday I got a little (well not really!) visitor, and not the kind I like. I was in the midst of my work and all of a sudden I see a huge centipede right next to my foot! I immediately jumped up in terror. The centipede remained motionless and I stared at it for a good 10 mins, not knowing what to do. Being away from Canada for 4 years, I hadn’t seen these guys in awhile and I had forgotten how disgusting they look. I thought nothing can scare me more than the cockroaches in Hong Kong but boy was I wrong. Cockroaches kind of resemble beetles so in a way you can consider them cute (no?) but these multi-legged rodents are just creepy and gross and there are just no words to describe how I feel about them. I get goosebumps now as I think back to yesterday.

So I put on these gloves and wore my slippers and got a stack of tissue, attempting to squash it. Lucky for it it managed to hide behind my desk just when I threw my slipper in its direction. I just stared and stared, hoping it would somehow die and evaporate in its corner. It must have been a good hour and a half before I managed to work up a nerve to vacuum it up when it reappeared. For the rest of the day I was still on edge and had my feet up on my chair. Needless to say it totally ruined my schedule and I got no work done all of yesterday. Am I insane to be so terrified of such a small bug? Is there any way to overcome this fear? I tried staring at it for as long as I could and not be grossed out by it. Didn’t work. I googled a picture on my phone and touched the screen and even put it up to my face. Also didn’t work.

Are any of you as terrified as I am of these creepy crawlies?

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