Upper Unionville Golf Club – 1 Year Anniversary Dinner

Hello lovelies!  It’s been awhile and I apologize for my absence.  It’s been a hectic summer.  Hubby and I just moved and it’s such a process to get everything settled, especially when he’s only here half of the time.  With the new surroundings it was difficult for me to get back into my routine and so I’ve failed to be productive.  I’ve been sitting on my bum all day on the most comfortable couch on earth, watching netflix.  I mean, we paid for it so I should maximize the usage, right?  Well, enough about my lazy hazy days of summer and onto the good stuff.

Last weekend, we finally got to go for our complimentary 1 year anniversary dinner at the golf club where we had our wedding reception a year ago.  I was really excited about this perk at the time of booking the reception venue and so of course I had not forgotten it!  I went to make our reservations with the club right at the one year mark early last month by emailing the same manager that I had spoken with during my wedding.  And then…..the email got bounced back!  I then went on the Mandarin Golf and Country Club website and it doesn’t even exist.  The disappointment I was feeling right at that moment dragged me to my floor.  I was really looking forward to being back on the property and reliving our wedding reception and the non-existent golf club makes that pretty difficult to do!  It took some time and digging and finally realized The Mandarin Golf and Country Club has been sold and now renamed to Upper Unionville Golf Club.  Long story short(er), the Director of Food and Beverage of UUGC honoured our complimentary dinner and my hubby and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  We finally made a reservation for this past Friday night.

Now, onto what really happened that evening.  We arrived 10 mins or so earlier because we had wanted to take a nice walk on a beautiful summer evening on the golf course and take some photos.  We walked by the front door and was greeted by a staff member, asking if we were here for our annivesary dinner.  Immediately I was impressed, thinking the Director of Food and Beverages must have announced our special occasion to everyone at the club!  We then proceeded to go in but the usual dining room was all dark and chairs were up.  “That’s odd”, my hubby said.  Another staff member walked out and directed us to turn right.  We walked up a few steps and saw a cafe/bar area of the club with bright white lights and tablecloth-less tables.  The girl greeted us and asked if we would like to sit indoors or out.  As it was quite windy that evening we chose inside, thinking she will bring us back to the only pretty dining room we’ve been in when it was still The Mandarin Golf and Country Club.  I was thinking to myself, “she can’t possibly seat us in here right???”.  Well, I was wrong because she can, and she did.  My hubby looked at me and I looked back at him, both of us utterly confused.  After the waitress had taken our drinks order, the same staff member who greeted us outside came to greet us.  Turns out he’s the chef!  Haha!  He was very polite and professional, telling us if there’s anything else we wanted to eat that’s not on the menu he would be more than happy to make because, well, the menu is mainly bar food.  :S  Having a burger isn’t exactly my idea of an anniversary dinner.  We ordered caesar salad as an appetizer to share and they did have steak frites on the menu so hubby and I both ordered that since fish is not our kind of thing.  They also served us each a glass of wine.

Overall, their food is not bad!  The truffle fries was delicious and the lettuce in the caesar salad was soooooo fresh!  The steaks were acceptable and after pouring the third glass of red wine we finally got a glass that wasn’t refrigerated and that the glass didn’t smell.  Given what happened they always served us with a smile though!  And we weren’t trying to be snobby but since they asked if the second glass of wine was okay, we had to be honest and say the wine was good but the glass was not.  Thinking back the entire night was kind of funny.  The service was nice and they did everything to make us feel welcomed and happy.  The only thing we were disappointed with was the ambience of the dining area.  I mean, if they knew the dining room wasn’t going to be open on the Friday evening, they could have warned us in advance during the time of booking.  It wasn’t exactly a nice setting for our anniversary dinner but since they honoured our complimentary dinner even though they didn’t have to, we are grateful!

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Free Pattern Tutorial – Amigurumi Cactus Keychain

Hello lovelies! Below is the written pattern for these cute cacti keychains. For a full tutorial on how I make these, please watch the video. 🙂

Hook: 3.0mm
Yarn: worsted weight

Cactus size:  approx. 7cm x 9cm (widest and tallest points)

Rd 1: 6 in magic circle (6)
Rd 2: [3 sc in the first st, 2 sc in the next, sc in the next] repeat all around (12)
Rd 3: [2 sc in the first st, sc in each of the next 2 sts] repeat all around (16)
Rd 4-8: sc all around (16)
Rd 9: [inv dec, sc in each of the next 2 sts] repeat all around (12)
Rd 10: inv dec all around (6)
Cut yarn leaving a long tail, then close the hole.

Smaller Arm
Rd 1: 4 in magic circle (4)
Rd 2: [1 sc in the first st, 2 sc in the next st] repeat all around (6)
Rd 3-4: sc all around (6)
Rd 5: inv dec 3 times (3)
Cut yarn leaving a long tail.

Larger Arm
Rd 1: 6 in magic circle (6)
Rd 2: [2 sc in first st, 1 sc in each of the next 2 sts] repeat around (8)
Rd 3-5: sc all around (8)
Rd 6: [inv dec, sc in next] around, ending in inv dec (5)
Cut yarn leaving a long tail.

Step 1: Ch 4
Step 2: Sl st into the first chain (you have created 1 petal of the flower)
Step 3: Ch 3, then sl st into the first ch
Repeat step 3 for petals 3 and 4
Cut yarn leaving a long tail.

Using the long tails, attach the arms onto the body of the cactus as well as the flower onto one of the arms. Using the colour of your choice, create markings randomly and evenly across the entire cactus to mimic the needles.

Attach the keychain of choice onto the top of the cactus.

© Pattern is created by Celine of Leen’s Little Things.  This pattern cannot be sold or posted as your own.  You may create and sell the items but please credit the pattern back to me.  

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Taiwanese Desserts – Mabu Station (North York) Part II

At Mabu Station we also ordered a sizzling plate. Having lived in Hong Kong for four years and came back to Toronto without Pepper Lunch, it was an adjustment for sure. When we saw there’s black pepper beef sizzling plate on their menu we just had to order it. The beef was tender and very flavourful. However, I found the dish to have too much black pepper which turned out to be a bit too spicy to my liking. We wanted to order extra cheese on our sizzling plate (the added cheese makes all the difference!) but found out it costs $3 extra, which is a bit expensive so we had to go without.

I would definitely come back for this plate but probably tell them to have a lighter hand on the black pepper.  It is a bit too generous but if you enjoy black pepper then this plate is for you.  Beef is juicy and tastes great!  The garlic sauce on the side is nicely done as well.  If you have had a chance to try this, let me know what your opinion is.  I would love to hear back!

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